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Take the frustration out of writing essays

Education professionals built Egorg Essay to streamline the writing process for frustrated students

Egorg Essay is educational software that will dramatically enhance the confidence and skill of any student who is struggling with essay assignments. Egorg Essay leads the student through all the essential steps for writing a strong essay, and it teaches important lessons along the way. The program teaches persuasive essays (this year's SAT essay is a persuasive essay), compare and contrast essays, narrative essays, and even book reports.

Students love this program because it leads them step-by-step through the daunting task of writing an essay, and parents love it because it teaches the most important components of good essays:

  • Narrative Hook
  • Topic Sentence
  • Thesis Statement
  • Supporting Evidence
  • Transition Sentence
  • Refuting Counter-Arguments
  • Plot and Character Analysis
  • Logical Organization

... and many other important concepts for composition. The program even includes a mind-mapper and other pre-writing tools to help a student brainstorm and organize his or her thoughts before creating the essay. If the student gets "stuck" when writing part of the essay, he or she can click the ? symbol for helpful instructions. Brilliant composition really does become easy when students learn and apply the principles of strong, academic writing.

No more puzzling over what to do...

We have all felt the distress of sitting down to do our work and coming to the realization that we don't understand it. This can be especially true when your child has an assignment due and can't ask the teacher for help. It begins as frustration and builds rapidly to anxiety and then to anger. You need a way to defend your child from this counter-productive process.

...and no more puzzling over how to do it.

Even more frustrating, once your child finally figures out what to do, he or she may still have no idea how to actually go about doing it. After the realization of being "stuck," despair sets in, despair that quickly turns to hopelessness and may tempt your child to give up. For far too many children, the refrain, "I'll never be any good at this," echoes in their head. If left unchecked, it can even become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

That would be a devastating result in the case of something as important to your child's future as writing.

You can keep your child from falling into this trap. The education professionals at VLE Solutions understand this challenge and how to help your child overcome it.

Egorg Essay is educational software at its best.

We created Egorg Essay to turn abstract rules into concrete implementations, so students are never left floundering. Your child will work quickly and confidently, with a certainty of purpose and clear understanding at every step of the way, creating a product that is entirely his or her own work.

This multifaceted program was created by educators for home and classroom use. It is simple enough for beginners, yet versatile enough to satisfy the requirements of even hard-to-please teachers (you know the ones we mean). Ordering is quick and easy (you download it from this web site), it costs only $19.95, and we will be here to help if you have any issues or problems. Simply put, it is the kind of help that we wish we had when we were in school.

Writing excellent essays is fundamental to school success, and success in school becomes the foundation for a successful life. We at VLE Solutions hope Egorg Essay will prove to have been one of the smartest educational investments you ever made for your children.

When you see the pride in your child's eyes you will know that you made the right decision.

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